Whenever a group of girlfriends get together, nothing is off limits – everything in this world matters! And when the conversation turns to a hen party, male striptease, and the ‘last dance’ as a free woman, the ladies are quick to turn into wildcats…and even quicker to shed their shackles! 

A theatre play written after the British hit feature The Full Monty has shown us 20 years ago how quickly women can find their wild side when visiting a male striptease show! Cheers and loud advancements, sensual moves and encouragement, cat-like gaze…this takes a lot of skills and experience. A no wisdom whatsoever.

A great party you definitely don’t want to miss

Like there’s no tomorrow. A juicy hen party until the clothes come off! 


  • Urška Vučak
  • Sebastjan Starič
  • Nataša Tič Ralijan
  • Tadej Pišek
  • Jože Doberšek
  • Maja Martina Merljak
  • Lara Jankovič
  • Jernej Čampelj

Directed by: Violeta Tomič
Naslov izvirnika: Girl’s Night Out
Stage design: Darjan Mihajlovič Cerar
Costume design: Andrej Vrhovnik
Choreography: Miha Lampič

Špas teater



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