Wordless, with her roots anchored deep in the soil, her only company being the wind, whispering about foreign places. About a dream you can hardly imagine, swishing through thin branches and shivering leaves. The birch is a tree of a faraway promise, forever young and agile, but infinitely grieving. She offers consolation in solitude, softens the edges, and melts the boundaries between the sky and the earth. 

She is one – and all. Micro connections and shared consciousness. Forgetting all memories, having no expectations, this is not a story, it is only a flash of now and here, or never and nowhere. 

Choreography: April Veselko
Performed by: Rebeka Hanžel, April Veselko
Costume design: Nena Florjančič
Music: April Veselko
Produced by: Dance Centre Maribor
Supported by: RS Ministry of Culture
Dance centre Maribor and Plesna izba Maribor


Sailing stones are a geological phenomenon where rocks inexplicably move and leave long tracks along deserted landscapes. The trails they leave behind differ in both direction and length. The rocks, weighing several kilograms, move on their own or simultaneously in groups. The sailing stones phenomenon has been studied for over a century; however, the mystery of the moving rocks remains unresolved.

The performance brings together three young choreographers: Monja Lorenčič, April Veselko, and Maja Lamovšek, whose specific choreographic approaches have broken down the theme of the performance in three parts: Time, Dark Clouds, and I Move, Therefore I Am. 

Concept and choreography: April Veselko, Monja Lorenčič, Maja Lamovšek
Performed by: Študijski Izbin Kolektiv / ŠIK: Eva Rakić, Vita Trantura, Vita Rosc, Manca Božič, Katarina Kolar, Jasha Robnik, Julija Tertinek, Nika Zidar, Hana Pivljakovič, Vanja Kolanović, Nadja Spasovski
Guest dancers from Plesna izba Maribor, Contemporary 3: Ana Edelbaher, Hana Ledinek, Hana Perkovič, Jerneja Brumec, Lana Pavšič, Anja Spasovski
Artistic direction: Nina Milin
Costume design: Nena Florjančič
Graphic design: Robert Veselko
Executive production: Živa Vrbič
Produced by: Plesna izba Maribor
Supported by: Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities


Do bodies move from their own impulses or as a consequence of a system?
Do bodies move from their own impulses or as a consequence of a system?
Do bodies move from their own impulses or as a consequence of a system?

Loop the question until you get the answer.

The project presents an interplay of pre-structured compositions and the search for authentic artistry of movement, performed by three diverse movers and inspired by the compositions of Karlheinz Stockahusen.

We loop inside our mental patterns – fearing we might come up with something new. The closed system of a dance academy pushed the author of the project to ask herself about her freedom (as a mover as well as a person) and to address the question of how much the systems around us block us in our endeavours.

Do we want to loop on the same spot or can we step out of the loops, patterns, and systems, and recognise the connections?

Concept and choreography: Maja Lamovšek
Performed by: Rebeka Hanžel (SLO), Simona Štangova (SVK), Maja Lamovšek (SLO)
Music: Maja Lamovšek, Karlheinz Stockahusen, Bjork, Alva Notto
Video: Matic Ačko
Production: Dance Centre Maribor
Coproduction: Festival Lent, Open Dance Scene Maribor


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