Afrobeat party!

Seun Kuti is the youngest son of pioneer and revolutionary of African music and culture, Fela Kuti. He played with his father’s band, Egypt 80, already as a child and, after his father passed away (1997), he honoured his last wish and took over as band leader. Ever since then, we can thank Seun Kuti for what is beyond any doubt the most intense musical experience of the African continent! Only a handful of world artists can stake a claim to having had such a unique vision, one that completely transformed the course of music history, as Fela Kuti.

His successor presents both his father’s music and original songs that are literally overflowing with energy and are brimming with masterful solos played by battle-tested musicians. His gigs are more than just “music”; they are a true fireworks of a broad range of colours, played with such force and zeal that they’re more akin to natural phenomena rather than music. We’re in for an unforgettable afrobeat party!

Seun Anikulapo Kuti, vocals, saxophone, keyboards
Yetunde Anikulapo Kuti, vocals, dance
Iyabo Folashade Adeniran, vocals, dance
Oladimeji Abayomi Akinyele, trumpet
Idowu Adedoyin Adefolarin, trumpet
Adebowale Adewunmi Osunnibu, saxophone
Fabrice Fila, saxophone
Akinola Adio Oyebola, electric guitar
Kunle Justice, electric bass
Mario Orsinet, drums



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